Federal and State Policy

Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, JD, MBA

Solution Leader, Federal and State Policy

For our clients, the stakes are high. Predictability brings peace of mind. In recent years, we’ve seen policy change quickly. As a result, we help our clients speedily adapt to the evolving policy landscape and understand its implications on their business goals at and above brand and across the healthcare ecosystem.”

Solution Spotlight

The policy environment is integrally linked to access and reimbursement success. Policymakers and the ecosystem of stakeholders, ideas, and influence around them can significantly affect our client’s ability to succeed. They shape markets and the competitive ecosystem, creating new opportunities for growth—or disrupting best-laid plans.

Our team has nearly 50 years of combined experience working directly for or with CMS, HHS, or state government. We will engage with CMS and HHS as needed on your behalf to articulate your proposal and help ensure beneficiary access and appropriate reimbursement for your innovative treatments. We do the same in concert with our ADVI ADVISORS Network for commercial payers. Our team:

  • Monitors and analyzes the ever-changing world of policy and legislation
  • Carefully assesses your portfolio
  • Models the relevant qualitative and quantitative trends
  • Analyzes the results
  • Gets you the right information precisely when you need it
  • Makes strategic recommendations of how to act
  • Keeps your team at the head of the pack
We’re known for our expertise in:

From Washington, DC, to state capitals and capitals around the world, ADVI provides you with counsel that draws on our unique experience at the highest levels of federal or state government and international politics. Our teams have shaped policy and regulatory debates across diverse markets, and we know the players, issues, and politics that drive or inhibit success.


  • ADVI SAVEs Data-Informed Policy Planning and Impact Modeling
  • Inflation Reduction Act Analysis, Stakeholder Mapping, and Forecasting
  • Full-Spectrum Policy Priorities Support Spanning New Classes of Therapies
  • Equitable Policy Shaping for Rare Disease Ecosystem
  • CMMI Pitch Analysis and Strategy on Client Position Related to Health Equity Policies
  • State Level Medicaid Strategy on Value-Based Arrangements and Best Price for Cell and Gene Therapies
Our Experts


ADVI Futurescape™

ADVI’s interactive tool — created with client and stakeholder input — that predicts the policy and access environment for therapeutic areas 1 – 5 years out. It is instrumental in building go-to-market frameworks. The tool can also be run concurrently with forecasting and pricing models or can be used for no numbers long range planning.

ADVI Instant™
& ADVI Aware™

Understand how federal regulatory and sub-regulatory actions, policy precedent, and horizon scanning will impact your commercial access strategies, plus a monthly synthesis of the most important policy and reimbursement news in healthcare and life sciences.

ADVI State Monitor™

The data-fueled source for state health policy and Medicaid insights from ADVI’s Medicaid advisors — former state Medicaid directors and Medicaid managed care medical directors — on Medicaid waivers and regulation, Medicaid VBA state plan amendments and pilots, state legislation and regulation on Dx and drug pricing, and more.

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Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, JD, MBA

Solution Leader, Federal and State Policy