ADVI Expert Caitlin Sheetz Discusses IRA Implications at AMCP

On April 17, Caitlin Sheetz, ADVI solution leader for Strategic Analytics, Value and Economics (SAVEs), presented two poster presentations at AMCP 2024. One of the studies analyzed the out-of-pocket burden in heart failure patients and the post-Inflation Reduction Act implications for Medicare beneficiaries with coexisting health conditions. The study aimed to assess the differential financial implications of the IRA for heart failure patients with and without associated comorbidities and investigate the racial disparities evident in these financial outcomes.

Using 100% Medicare Part D event data from 2021 and 2022, the study identified over 1.3 million heart failure patients and found that

  • The annual average OOP costs for heart failure medications increased from $383 in 2021 to $456 in 2022.
  • A higher proportion of heart failure patients with major comorbidities exceeded $2,000 in OOP costs compared to heart failure patients without major comorbidities.
  •  These complex patients taking multiple medications for heart failure and comorbidities were disproportionately Black compared to other racial demographics.  

These initial assessments indicate that the $2,000 OOP CAP may help moderate financial barriers to necessary medications among heart failure patients in Medicare.

Hear more from Caitlin as she sheds light on key insights from the study and takeaways from AMCP 2024.

In addition to this presentation, Caitlin also presented an abstract on the “Rate of Cytokine Release Syndrome in CAR-T for Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries: Analysis of Over 3 Years of Claims,” which was awarded a bronze podium presentation. This is the third AMCP event the ADVI has been awarded recognition for their podium presentations.

You can view both posters from the event here: ADVI AMCP 2024 Posters.

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