ADVI Experts Presenting at AMCP 2024

ADVI Health experts will be presenting at AMCP 2024 on April 15-18 in New Orleans.

ADVI Strategic Analytics, Value and Economics (SAVEs) solution leader, Caitlin Sheetz, chief data scientist, Peter Kardel, Market Access senior vice president, Joshua Greenblatt, and senior director of business development, Keith Knutzen, will meet with clients throughout the event.

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On Tuesday, April  17, Caitlin Sheetz, ADVI solution leader, will present two poster presentations. She will present an “Analysis of Out-of-Pocket Cost in Heart Failure Patients: Post-Inflation Reduction Act Implications for Medicare Beneficiaries with Coexisting Health Conditions” and a top winning abstract on the “Rate of Cytokine Release Syndrome in CAR-T for Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries: Analysis of Over 3 Years of Claims,” which was awarded a bronze podium presentation. This is the third AMCP event the ADVI has been awarded recognition for their podium presentations.

You can view the poster presentations here:


Caitlin Sheetz

Solution Leader, SAVEs

Peter Kardel

Chief Data Scientist

Joshua Greenblatt

Senior Vice President, Market Access

Keith Knutzen

Senior Director

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