Commercial Contracting Process, Evaluations, and Metrics

April 21, 2016 BACK TO RESOURCES


To provide industry benchmarks relating to contract performance reports and to provide executive-level contract management report summaries that quickly gauged contract performance.


ADVI helped the client to understand different ways of looking at account performance and to embed contracting metrics into the contracting process.

  • Redesign contract reports into a useful marketing-type tool rather than a financial scorecard but containing the required financial information
  • Develop frequency of reporting metrics for the various contract reports to allow for continued production
  • Introduce graphic ways of tracking contract performance of like accounts to determine the high-performing from low-performing accounts
  • Standardize the field data into an expected results metric for measurement purposes
  • Commence business reviews that included the redesigned contract reports that allow for better contract-related decisions


The client was able to provide senior management with a useful contracting scorecard that quickly depicted account-level contract performance and aided in better contracting decisions, resulting in millions of dollars of rebate savings.