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First Look at Part B Discarded Drug Units for 2021

As guidance on the wastage provision in last year’s infrastructure package draws closer, expected in the annual rule-cycle, ADVI SAVEs analyzed Medicare Part B drug discarded unit trends and found a 132% increase in the number of drugs above the 10% threshold over the past 5 years. We take a closer look at which products, […]

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Evaluation and Strategic Planning for Combination Pricing

Our work to evaluate potential strategies to implement Combination Pricing and understand impact to ASP.

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Strategic Planning for Part B Launch

Our work to prepare manufacturer marketing and field teams for successful local Part B launch with Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs).

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Value/Price Message Development for Executive Team

Our work to better prepare executive team for drug pricing and value debate, assisting in training field-based personnel on customer reimbursement/pricing/value questions.

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