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ADVI’s Brenna Raines Shared ICER’s Report Methodology Flaws with AIS Health

December 8, 2022, AIS Health’s article, ICER Report Finds Over $800 Million in Clinically Unsupported Drug Price Hikes During 2021, reviews the latest edition of the Unsupported Price Increase Report prepared by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER). ADVI’s Brenna Raines shares with AIS Health that, “ICER’s methodology doesn’t capture the full scope of evidence, as it won’t review studies published outside of its established timeframe, non-RCT information (like real-world evidence) unless submitted by the manufacturer, or evidence for small indications.” Also, that “new clinical evidence is just one of many factors that influence drug price increases or decreases. A determination by ICER that a price increase is ‘unsupported by new clinical evidence’ is subjective and does not mean that evidence does not exist, just that evidence was not found within the narrow scope of this assessment.” Read the full article here.