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ADVI’s Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf Joined the Pharmacy Podcast Network to Discuss PBM Reform

March 7, 2023, Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, vice president and head of ADVI’s Federal and State Policy, was featured on the Pharmacy Podcast Network’s PBM Reform Series to discuss how the FTC is Cornering PBMs to Improve Pharmacy Care. In the interview. Lindsay shared expert commentary on:

  • Why PBMs were completely spared in the IRA while the people who actually make drugs got hit with unprecedented government price setting
  • New scrutiny that PBMs now face scrutiny on the Hill, including Prescription Pricing for the People Act (S. 113) and the PBM Transparency Act (S. 127) with new bills and “noisy” hearings
  • Why PBMs are in the hot seat with the FTC

You can listen in on this interview here.