Marc Samuels Discusses Key Insights on Cell and Gene from Meeting on the Mesa

ADVI expert Marc Samuels attended the 2023 Alliance for Regenerative Medicine’s Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa and chaired two important sessions:

  • Fireside Chat: Headwinds and Tailwinds Facing Patients, Providers, and Producers
    Chair: Marc Samuels, CEO, ADVI Health
    Speakers: Ellen Lukens, CEO, Deputy Director, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation, CMS Innovation Center
  • Medicare – A Look on the Cell Therapy Landscape
    Chair: Marc Samuels, CEO, ADVI Health
    Speakers: Stephanie Farnia, Principal, Nimitt Consulting
    Marianne Hamilton Lopez, Ph.D., Senior Research Director, Biomedical
    Innovation, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy
    Laura Okpala, Senior Director, Policy, Gilead Sciences
    Keren Shani, Executive Director, Cell & Gene Therapy, Trinity

Hear from Marc, now following the event, as he discusses his key takeaways including the future of regenerative medicine, Medicare and Medicaid innovation, CAR T-cell therapy, and the evolving landscape of healthcare policies. He will explore vital topics such as reimbursement, regulatory changes, and the role of commercial payers in shaping the future of healthcare.

Hear from ADVI Health’s Marc Samuels as he discusses the key takeaways from Regenerative Medicine’s Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa.

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