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Showing In the Press

In our latest report, we took a close examination of the top 25 hospital chargemasters and their efforts to bring transparency to pricing

“There are definitely issues in these documents, but there are things hospitals are already doing. For a hospital to say ‘This is way too onerous,’ well, clearly some hospitals are already doing this. It is possible.”

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ADVI’s Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf sat down with Fortune to discuss the latest executive order from the White House and how it will affect Medicare Advantage

Written by Andrew Hirschfeld

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ADVI’s Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf caught up with BioWorld to discuss drug prices and how recent proposals would impact patient access to new cures and treatments.

“A government price-setting model that links to foreign countries’ payment designs puts the speedy access to innovative therapies that we enjoy today at serious risk,” Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, director of policy at ADVI Health, told BioWorld. “That is a dangerous combination for patient access to current treatments and the development of new cures,” she continued. “Compared to the rest of the world, the U.S. places a high value on access to therapies, which is why Americans currently enjoy access to cancer treatments about two years earlier than other developed countries.”

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ADVI’s Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf caught up with FierceHealthcare to discuss the latest drug pricing proposal from Speaker Pelosi and the outlook on compromise with both Senate HELP and Finance committee efforts

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