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Showing In the Press

ADVI’s Michael Kolodziej explained the complexities behind the oncology care model to the American Journal of Managed Care

“As a care delivery model, the OCM is awesome. But Medicare did not go into this to improve the quality of cancer care. They went into this to save money.”

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ADVI Director Becca Davison sat down with Fox Business to discuss her thoughts on the healthcare policy discussion ahead of tonight’s Democratic debate

“A lot of these plans are moving people into payment structures which put downward pressure on reimbursement. That’s something that economists have shown will have a negative impact on innovation,” Davison said.

“If you are lowering reimbursement, you are going to have a negative impact on physician pipeline issues, and that will have a negative impact on access,” she said.

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ADVI’s Becca Davison explained that while the latest regulation isn’t necessarily the silver bullet for transparency, it is essential that patients understand exactly what they will be paying during a hospital visit

“What everyone can agree on is that a hospital’s patients understand what they’re going to be responsible for paying,” said Rebecca Davison, a director at consulting firm ADVI Health.

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ADVI Director, Becca Davison, caught up with Bloomberg Law to discuss the impacts of the administration’s latest hospital price transparency rule

Becca Davison, director at ADVI Health, a global healthcare consulting firm, said the new rule is a “positive step” for price transparency. But she also understands the concerns about making more information public about the private negotiations between insurers and hospitals. Doing so, she added, won’t necessarily provide the magic pill for lower prices “as some would like.”

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