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Government negotiation of prescription drug prices isn’t a panacea for lower costs

With Republican plans for health care reform stalled, and scrutiny surrounding prescription drug costs intensifying, a White House in desperate need of a policy victory may soon sharpen its focus on drug pricing. Since working with Congress on health care is proving to be difficult, President Trump may decide to do it via the executive branch.

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BCBS ‘Evidence Street’ Group Enabling Engagement
With MDx Players

ADVI Chief Clinical Officer Louis Jacques MD was recently interviewed by GenomeWeb, a highly regarded outlet for news in the molecular diagnostic test arena, about the planned collaboration of BCBSA Evidence Street and the Palmetto GBA Medicare MolDX program. Jacques noted that Medicare has used external technology assessments to inform some of its national coverage policy decisions, so the paradigm is not inconsistent with CMS precedents. He reassured readers that MolDX would be expected use the publicly transparent current Local Coverage Determination process, and that Evidence Street would not be writing Medicare coverage policies.

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Marc Samuels Featured in FierceHealthcare

Written by Leslie Small
Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Though the executive branch has limited power to dismantle the ACA, the order was “more than symbolic,” said Marc Samuels, CEO of the consulting firm ADVI and a former healthcare policy adviser under President George H.W. Bush.

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Trump’s healthcare nominees are just what the doctor ordered

Written by Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf
Contribution by Marc Samuels
Sunday, 1 January 2017

In a January column of The Hill, ADVI Founder and CEO Marc Samuels and ADVI Director Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf share their take on President Elect Donald Trump’s nominees for two of the highest health care positions under the incoming administration. While much of the media is focused on how these two nominees may affect ACA repeal and replace efforts, there are even greater implications for the Medicare program as implementation of MACRA unfolds in 2017.

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