Value Acceleration, Market Certainty, Proven Results


Some believe when you've seen one definition of value, you've seen one definition. Still others believe you know it when you see it. Despite years of public discussion and hand wringing we still struggle to define it. Why bother if it's so challenging? Consign it to the halls of academic debate and coffeehouse conversation. Unfortunately we can't afford that anymore – literally. Value in the form of clinical utility and comparative effectiveness are no longer nice to have notions of European health benefit design but necessary predicates to full coverage and reimbursement for products and services across the life sciences.

As healthcare costs continue to rise and the covered population continues to grow, we confront a stark reality. Federal and state government has gotten on the value bandwagon, and hearing the phrase "pay for value" is hardly an uncommon occurrence at a healthcare conference. There is a lot of money at stake.

Wayne Gretzky always said a good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. We look at the healthcare system from the perspective of the future; we consider how the system will evolve. We help our clients to identify the point in time when today becomes tomorrow. At ADVI we are prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead. We invite you to have a conversation with us on this and other important topic.

Marc Samuels

ADVI is a boutique health care advisory services firm.
Our business is making companies more valuable.

  • A senior team with extensive management consulting experience
  • Exclusive focus on life sciences and healthcare delivery and financing
  • Deep perspective accumulated through government, scientific, industry, payer, and professional consultancy experience and expertise in one company
  • Insights from publishing in peer reviewed professional society journals
  • Access to work outside the U.S. from Central and South America, to the EU and UK, to Australia, China, Japan, and Russia
  • A desire to represent products and services throughout their lifecycle; from early development to nextgen

Life Sciences

Digital Health

Managed Care


Reimbursement risks are probably as important these days as regulatory [risks]. Reimbursement is part of the economic equation as investors ask whether payers will pay and what authorized reimbursement codes are available for the product.”

Source: The Pink Sheet


  • Technology

    • Healthcare Delivery Systems
    • EMR
    • Diagnostics
    • Image Processing
    • Digital and Interactive Health Media
    • Specialty Pharmacy Distribution
    • DME Distribution
    • Smartphone Apps
  • Biotechnology and Drugs

    • Oncology and Supportive Care
    • Cardiovascular
    • Alzheimers
    • ESRD
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Diabetes
    • Radiopharmaceuticals
    • Respiratory
  • Diagnostics

    • Biomarkers
    • Pan Cancer Multianalyte and NEXTGEN Sequencing Tests
    • Companion Diagnostics
    • In Vivo Diagnostics
    • Molecular Diagnostics
    • Point of Care Tests
    • Image Mapping Technology
  • Devices

    • Drug and Device Combinations
    • Wound Care
    • Orthopedics
    • Spinal
    • Ophthalmology
    • Cardiovascular
    • Sleep Apnea

[ADVI] is by far the most capable firm I have worked with in my 17 years in Washington, DC. What stands out the most is their ability to achieve positive resolution on complex issues – they don’t just provide advice, they get things done. [ADVI] is simply the best company when it comes to achieving results.”

WORK DONE: Reimbursement Strategy. Public Policy. Advocacy.


Monitoring and Analysis

Up to the day monitoring and analysis of key stakeholder activities across oncology, cardiology, and other medical specialties and specialty organizations such as ASCO, ACC, COA, CAP, MITRE, LLF, and CMS Center for Medicare and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

Strategy and Process Development

ADVI assists its clients with strategy and process development through the following activities:

  • Corporate policy development and strategic recommendations
  • Process development for internal corporate stakeholders
  • Message development
  • Qualitative and quantitative research


Using existing models we are predicting possible operational models for a CMMI demonstration expected to be announced in Q3 or Q4. For each potential model we are developing SWOT type analyses depending on life science companies portfolios and expected pipeline products; including, but not limited to, oral and infused/injected drugs, companion and other diagnostics, and imaging/radiation.

Not only does [ADVI] have broad respect from CMS staff – both political and career staff, they also have a wide network of contacts within the patient and physician community. Few consultants have the ability to match well developed tactics with broader company goals.”

Work Done: Coding. Product Launch. Market Access. Payer Impact.

Financial Services Clients

Opportunity Assessment Analysis
& Idea Generation

Due Diligence

Due diligence on healthcare services and products reimbursed by private payers or predictive analysis on legislation and regulation and its impact to particular healthcare services or products.

Surveys and Questionnaires

We survey active medical directors at major health insurers throughout the U.S. or U.S. and International thought leaders about macro and micro trends in healthcare.

Advisory Boards

We arrange meetings with medical directors currently at major health insurers, clinicians at key medical practices or specialties, and former Medicare contractors; providing our clients with access to their current thinking about healthcare in often blinded roundtable discussions.

Advanced and Non-Advanced
Diagnostic Clients

Opportunity Assessment, Clinical and Market Access Analysis and Strategy Development and PAMA Implementation

Due Diligence

ADVI provides due diligence on companies or products in the molecular or other diagnostic lab space to asses coverage and reimbursement by private or public payers or provide predictive analysis and impact planning on legislation, policy or regulation

Clinical Development and Market Analysis and Strategy/Commercialization

ADVI has one of the strongest Dx teams in the advisory services business: the former head of coverage for CMS, former head of AMA CPT, former head of innovation for both Kaiser and WellPoint, former managing partner of Towers Watson, and a key strategist behind PAMA and coverage and reimbursement of both advanced and non-advanced diagnostic tests. We help companies from early trial and clinical utility development through the product lifecycle.


We are integral in consulting with Congress on PAMA and on 21st Century Cures. Our Chief Clinical Officer has testified on the meaning of "value" and issues with coverage of molecular tests. We are actively working with clients to prepare them for coverage, pricing, reporting and business system change in the wake of PAMA implementation to occur in 2016.

[ADVI] offered tremendous insight into the [commercial] policy, coverage and reimbursement of our products. Their dedication and devotion to our coverage situation continues throughout the life cycle of the product supporting both local and national level issues.”

Work Done: Medicare Coverage, Local and National. Commercial Payer Coverage. Quality Measure Development and Guideline Development.


Regulatory Liaison

Our team and advisors serve as liaison to the FDA on 510k and other filings; we develop strategy around clinical study design and deployment, REMS, and have been deeply involved in the issue of FDA oversight and regulation of Digital Apps.

Privacy Concerns

Team members are current on HIPAA compliance issues, and work in tandem with a handful of key law firms in Washington, DC steeped in the patient privacy debate.

Market Entry and Acceleration

We develop and deploy strategies to accelerate time to money across payer types and engage regulators at the state and federal level on legislation and regulation that chills or supports innovation.

We would recommend [ADVI] highly to you if you want a balanced perspective of [federal and state] agencies, an encyclopedic knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid, and a group that knows how to get things done.”

Work Done: Due Diligence. Public Policy. Reimbursement Strategy. Health Economics Analysis.

Marc Samuels is one of the best kept secrets for those seeking to work with CMS. While many consultants impress with titles, fancy PowerPoints, and process, [ADVI] impresses based on the wisdom of their advice and counsel, and their ability to achieve results. ”

Work Done: Audit. Coverage. Procurement and Partnerships. Advocacy. Due Diligence.

Procurement & Partnering Support

Due Diligence

We perform due diligence on company or product.

M & A Business Development

Team members are all former government executives at the federal or state level. We have helped clients find upcoming opportunities and capture new government business. We identify and qualify upcoming opportunities for clients; develop unique client strategies for approaching the public sector; perform customized research; create competitor intelligence reports and perform bid proposal assistance – everything from actually writing bid proposals to offering executive oversight before the document is submitted.

Sales Training

We develop and deploy customized training for government and commercial payer sales teams with specific emphasis on any area of concern. We can arrange meetings with medical directors currently at major health insurers, providing our clients with access to their current thinking about healthcare in a roundtable discussion.

Our People

The ADVI team is a strong, thoughtful, creative and highly collaborative group of healthcare executives, public policy alumni, and medical professionals from public and commercial payer settings, proven at identifying, creating, managing and realizing opportunities for transformational change, generating ideas or accelerating growth. Together, our people offer a rare combination of leadership experience, industry relationships, knowledge of the political and policy processes, reimbursement background, and transactional expertise to help our clients build true value in healthcare.

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Marc Samuels, JD, MPH
President and CEO

Marc Samuels is the Founder and CEO of ADVI (formerly HillCo HEALTH). Samuels is responsible for the strategic vision, leadership and operational execution of the Company, as well as development and execution strategies designed to grow business outside of North America. He provides senior relationship management for the firm’s top clients across life sciences, digital health, managed care and services. He is a graduate of The University of Texas School of Law, Yale School of Medicine and the University of Michigan.

Worked at the highest levels of national and Texas state politics:

  • White House Office of Policy Development
  • Vice President’ s Office
  • Pentagon Office of Health Affairs
  • Texas Health & Human Services Commission
  • Office of the Governor, State of Texas

Involved in many of the most seminal policy issues across public and private payers

  • Coding and payment of molecular diagnostics
  • Drug Payment Reform
  • Quality and registry issues

Spoken and Published: In Vivo, Journal of Oncology Practice, Medical Economics, Health Systems Review; Managed Care Answer Book , HMO and Capitation Answer Book, published by Panel Publishers, New York.

Lawrence Leisure

Larry Leisure is the Chairman at ADVI. He also serves as a Managing Partner of Chicago Pacific Founders, a growth equity firm and a senior advisor to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He received his AB in economics from Stanford University and his MBA in finance from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Distinguished career in healthcare serving in a number of senior consulting and management roles.

  • Global Managing Partner, Accenture
  • Group Benefits & Managed Care Practice Leader, Towers Watson
  • Senior Vice President, Kaiser Permanente

Former client partner to many of the largest US employers, health plans and PBMs including

  • AT&T, Proctor & Gamble, Wells Fargo
  • Aetna, CIGNA, HealthNet, UnitedHealth Group and WellPoint
  • Caremark, Medco

Well known industry leader and innovator

  • Co-founded Healthspottr, an innovation collaborative focused on the acceleration of new ventures in digital health and managed care arena
  • Member of the board of directors of several technology and digital health companies including Jiff, Lumiata, Oasis Outsourcing, Project Frog, Timeline Labs, and Xsell Technologies.
Alan Sokolow, MD
Senior Advisor

Alan Sokolow is a Senior Advisor at ADVI and serves as a chief medical officer to many of our client organizations. Dr. Sokolow has a unique career in healthcare, having been involved early in the development of healthcare informatics, and program development in demand and care management. Alan received his BA degree from Pomona College and MD at the UCLA School of Medicine, where he was also elected to AOA. He trained in internal medicine at the University of Utah, and at the University of Rochester. He is board certified in internal medicine.

Significant Industry Experience as Chief Medical Officer

  • Ovations, the senior markets division of United Health Group
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NY
  • Oxford

Broad Background

  • Responsible for all aspects of healthcare cost and quality management including medical policy, medical management, high risk and condition management programs, provider profiling, HEDIS reporting, pharmacy services and behavioral health


  • Instrumental in the development of Episode Treatment Grouper (ETG) based analyses of health care costs, as well as the pioneering design of case based contracting
  • Integrally involved in risk-sharing and ACO model development, including risk convening
Michael Beebe
Sr. Vice President

Michael Beebe, Senior Vice President, joined ADVI in 2008. Mr. Beebe advises clients on all aspects of reimbursement and strategic policy planning, including specific coding strategies in the physician office and the hospital or other health care provider settings. He directs ADVI’s device and diagnostic practices. Mr. Beebe has a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University and a Master’s Degree from Boston University.

Long and deep physician specialty relationships

  • Mr. Beebe spent 14 years at the AMA prior to joining ADVI; his most recent position was Director of CPT
  • He was a central participant in AMA advocacy efforts involving public and private coverage, coding and reimbursement issues; including provider class action litigation, CMS physician payment negotiations, and local coverage determinations
  • Senior Social Scientist in Physician Payment Systems where he was primary staff to the AMA/Specialty Society RVS Update Committee (RUC).

Responsible for or involved in many of the most seminal product and service coding decisions

  • Molecular and companion diagnostics – created MAAA and NGS coding nomenclatures
  • Spinal techniques
  • V accines
  • T ele-monitoring
  • Wound Care and Skin substitutes
  • Cardiac Procedures, including T A VR and minimally invasive
Angela Lively
Sr. Vice President

Angela Lively, Senior Vice President, leads the firm’s drugs and biologics practice. commercialization practice and has spent her career advising top biopharmaceutical companies on issues affecting patient access to new and innovative products. Ms. Lively completed her Masters in Social Work Social Policy with a concentration in health policy from The Catholic University of America and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Baylor University.

Significant Industry Expertise

  • Amgen
  • Abbott

Profound Consulting Experience

  • Avalere
  • DK Pierce
  • Covance

Leader in Innovative Thinking

  • Evidence development, local and national payer strategy (Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance), coding recommendations and support, advocacy development, and health policy change
  • Focused in the areas of nephrology, oncology, primary care, internal medicine, and cardiology
  • Projects include self-administered biologics, physician-administered drugs and biologics, dialysis supplies, and inpatient and outpatient products with unique drug delivery systems
Louis Jacques M.D.
Sr. Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer

Louis Jacques leads ADVI's strategic product development initiatves by spearheading an all-client initiative focused on a top down commitment to change, recognizing that public and private payer "pay for value constructs" will require evidencing value and tying remuneration of our client's offerings to the evidencing of that value. Dr. Jacques is a graduate of Georgetown University and The University of Maryland School of Medicine.

A Distinguished Career in Government Service and in Medicine

  • Director, Coverage & Analysis Group (CAG), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) since 2009
  • Division Director, Items and Devices within CAG from 2004-2009
  • Led CMS collaborations with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) including Entrepreneurs in Residence Program
  • Practiced medicine as an aQending physician for almost 20 years, and was an Associate Dean at Georgetown University School of Medicine before coming to CMS

Passionate about Change and Innovation

  • Implemented Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) under the Medicare program
  • Co-created joint parallel review pilot between CMS and FDA
  • Responsible for updating Medicare coverage in FDA IDE trials
  • Coauthored over 60 Medicare National Coverage Determinations
  • Developed program oversight of the Local Coverage Determination process

Recognized as a Leader, Speechifier, and Writer

  • Invited speaker at national policy and professional society meetings nationally and abroad
  • Authored or coauthored original research and commentaries in peer reviewed medical journals
  • Awarded FDA Leveraging/Collaboration Award (TVT Registry Team) 2013; FDA Parallel Review Team Award 2012; CMS Leadership Awards 2006, 2010; Golden Apple (Teaching Award - Georgetown University School of Medicine)
Chris Price
Sr. Vice President of Health Care Services

Chris Price, SVP of Health Care Services at ADVI, helps our managed care and digital health clients with corporate, business and product development. He received a BSFA in Economics from Southern Methodist University.

Extensive experience as an investor, entrepreneur and executive

  • Senior VP of Strategy and Product, EnvisionRx a PBM with over $4bn in revenue
  • Managing Partner and Founder, Broad Creek Partners a tech-enabled health care services focused investment and advisory firm
  • VP and Partner, Paragon Equity Group a private equity and special situations fund with over $100M in committed capital
  • Interim executive and leader in carve-out and sale of RegenceRx, Cambia Health Solutions’ captive PBM
  • Co-founder of several successful health care and technology companies

Sector Expertise and Specialties

  • Pharmacy benefit management
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Specialty benefits management
  • Pharmaceutical distribution
  • Risk bearing care management and delivery models
  • Health care IT
  • Strategy and product development
  • New business generation
  • Mergers, acquisition and financing
  • Business integrations and separations
  • Information systems design and implementation
  • Margin improvement
Marci Mutti
Vice President

Marci Mutti is a Vice President at ADVI serving clients in the life science space, with an emphasis on medical devices and diagnostics. She creates strategic and tactical recommendations for clients to ensure optimal market access for their products. Marci also participates in speaking engagements with clients, policy makers, and thought leaders and serves as a subject matter expert horizontally across the firm to inform various projects. Previously Marci held the position of Director, Oncology Payer Relations Managers for Glaxo Smith Kline, serving as GSK primary point of contact with Medicare Part B contractors in support of GSK’s Part B portfolio for Oncology and Immunology. Prior to that Marci held the position of Director, Reimbursement Policy & Advocacy, Public Policy & Advocacy, also at Glaxo Smith Kline. Marci holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland and received a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College.

Paul Martino
Sr. Vice President

Paul Martino currently serves as Senior Vice President to ADVI focusing on commercialization of products and contracting and network strategies for ADVI life sciences, services and managed care clients. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of Connecticut.

Paul's work experience spans over thirty years in managed care, including:

  • Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Innovation for WellPoint, one of the nation’s largest health benefits companies, with more than 65 million individuals served through it and its subsidiaries.
  • Vice President of Kaiser Permanente’s national accounts, as well as vice president of its disease management division.
  • Successfully directed Aetna’s Midwestern sales and account retention initiatives.

Paul's areas of focus include:

  • Clinical strategy
  • Innovation and outcomes initiatives
  • Developing innovative solutions for the care management and care delivery marketplace
  • Closely following emerging employer needs as they change due to health care reform, legislative requirements, and the emergence of health care exchanges
  • Evaluating and measuring client interventions akin to his role at WellPoint where he did the same for provider and member interventions; to ensure they are clinically sound and drive improved health care quality and outcomes while also providing appropriate market access and reimbursement.
William Mangold M.D. J.D.
Senior Advisor

Former Noridian Chief Medical Officer William Mangold is a Senior Advisor to ADVI at Board Developers where he also serves on a number of nonprofit boards of directors. Mangold is also a member of the Arizona Judicial Council (AJC), the body responsible for advising the Arizona Supreme Court on rules governing Arizona’s court system. His degrees in medicine and law were earned at the University of Texas.

A Distinguished Career

  • Mangold practiced medicine in Tucson for more than 15 years in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and has been heavily involved in the affairs of organized medicine, including service as past-president of the Arizona Medical Association and national positions with the American Medical Association (AMA).

Extensive experience

  • For the past 16 years, Mangold has served as a contractor medical director for Noridian, a company that provides administrative services to Medicare in multiple states.
Ronald R. Barkley M.S. J.D.
Senior Advisor

Ron Barkley, Senior Advisor, is a healthcare business development and operations officer with leadership expertise in medical group practice; clinically integrated network and hospital/health system settings. Ron’s particular areas of focus include the alignment of community oncologists and hospitals/health systems to form comprehensive and integrated oncology service lines and cancer centers and the organizational design and payment re-structuring of oncology within accountable care initiatives, such as Oncology ACO and Oncology Medical Home models. Barkley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences from Michigan State University; a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from California State University and earned his law degree after attending Southwestern University and California College of Law.

Long and deep experience in medical group and hospital practice management.

  • Served as Executive Director for a regionally dominant community oncology practice in New England
  • Market executive for the organizational re-structuring of the Chicago-area practices of the US Oncology Network.
  • Managing Director of the for-profit clinical service businesses of a multi-hospital integrated delivery system in Southern California
  • Interim CEO charged with the organizational re-structuring of a hospital-affiliated Cancer Institute in South Florida

Significant focus on payment reform, including new models of care delivery

  • Bundled Payment Arrangements
  • Oncology ACO development
  • Shared Risk

Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Cancer Center Business Summit (, a national oncology thought leadership forum on matters of oncologist-hospital alignment, alignment business models and market consolidation strategies in oncology/cancer care delivery.

Billy Millwee
Senior Advisor

Billy Millwee is a Managing Principal with Sellers Dorsey, a premier Medicaid Operations firm, and serves as a Senior Advisor to ADVI and its clients. As Texas Medicaid and SCHIP director from 2010-2012, Billy Millwee provided leadership for the state’s Medicaid and CHIP programs and was responsible for operations impacting over 3.5 million lives and involving more than 40,000 providers, as well as managing a nearly $30 billion budget. Millwee now serves as a senior advisor to ADVI and HillCo Partners in Washington, DC and Texas and as a board member or consultant to a number of nonprofit healthcare organizations. Millwee holds a master’s degree in health care administration from Central Michigan University, and a master’s in sociology from Texas State University.

Strong Government Experience

  • Millwee was involved in Texas state government for almost 20 years.
  • Previous state government experience includes development of regional trauma systems and development, implementation, and deployment of immunization clinic assessment and program improvement protocols.

Specialized Background

  • Since 1998, Millwee served in a variety of management positions within the Texas Medicaid/SCHIP programs, including: director, Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT), and Medical Transportation Programs; director, Program Operations and Policy Development; director, Managed Care Operations; and director, Claims Administrator Operations.
  • Millwee is the Chair Emeritus of the National Association of State Medicaid Directors
Valerie Reynolds

Valerie Reynolds is a Senior Analyst at ADVI and provides research and analytical support on reimbursement and policy planning facing pharmaceutical and biotechnology oncology and diagnostic products and medical device manufacturers.

Valerie focuses on reimbursement issues for the current standard of care for cancer tumor types as well as expanding patient access to new label or off label compendia approved indications. In her prior role with UBC Valerie helped conduct several comprehensive reimbursement landscape and strategic assessments for new device technologies across a broad range of medical conditions and settings of care. Valerie also designed and implemented economic analyses for international and US audiences. Valerie also has knowledge of the cardiovascular disease and mental health space and has helped clients strategically position interventions in crowded markets.

Valerie holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and a MPH – Health Policy from George Washington University.

Briana Fisler Hovermale

Briana Fisler Hovermale, Director, focuses on Life Science clients with an emphasis on market access and commercialization for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, and diagnostic companies. She holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Spanish from Appalachian State University and an MSPH in Health Policy and Management from the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Industry Experience

  • Avalere, advised clients on reimbursement and market access challenges
  • Business Analyst at the UNC Family Medicine Center, developed models to assess cost solutions and leading workflow standardization efforts
  • Data Analyst at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health Strategic Analysis and Reporting Department, manipulated and interpreted data sets and assisted in the alignment of financial operations with strategic goals and national benchmarking
  • Certified Application Counselor, assisted individuals to understand, apply and enroll in health coverage via the Marketplace

Expertise in reimbursement and market access

  • Payment and delivery reform
  • Hospital and physician payment
  • Unique markets such as oncology and orphan products
Lindsey Tighe
Associate Director

Lindsey Tighe is an Associate Director at ADVI in our Market Access and Health Policy Practice. She transitions the scope of projects from concept to operational for clients and creates both strategic and tactical recommendations for clients to ensure optimal market access for client products. Lindsey proactively seeks and obtains speaking engagements with clients, policy makers, and thought leaders in order to generate public recognition for ADVI. Prior to joining ADVI, Lindsey was a Senior Project Manager for National Quality Forum in DC, providing strategic direction and oversight for NQF consensus development projects addressing resource use, cardiovascular conditions, endocrine conditions, and patient safety. She also performed analyses of measures submitted to NQF and developed background papers/technical reports to disseminate findings and recommendations. Lindsey holds a Master of Science, Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University and received her Bachelor of Science, Psychology from Duke University.

Eric Strawbridge
Senior Finance Leader

Eric Strawbridge is the problem-solving Senior Finance Leader with extensive financial accounting and management experience in the fast paced environment of advisory services. Eric is a certified public accountant and holds a BA in accounting from Southwestern University.

Eric started his career in the financial services niche with an alliance firm of the 5th largest accounting firm. His main support function was to support growth businesses as an expert with revenue recognition and internal processes as both an internal and external auditor. Additionally, he was a lead GAAP expert with seven years of litigation support on GAAP disputes and investigations.

Strategic and internal initiative

  • Wealth management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Capital financing
  • Firm quality controls
  • Managing key performance indicators
  • Foreign currency exchange
Krista Lambo

Krista Lambo is a Manger at ADVI and provides research, analytic, and strategic support for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics teams on a variety of health policy issues. She monitors the policy landscape as it relates to client and organization interest, including pertinent issues and public meetings within the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services and on Capitol Hill.

Prior to joining ADVI, Krista worked for a member of the Senate Finance Committee, where she focused on the healthcare portfolio. Krista completed her Master of Public Health in Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan and received her Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Government and Pre-medicine from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Danae Kelly
Executive Assistant to CEO

Danae serves as an invaluable internal asset responsible for coordinating initial client engagement and meeting planning. Ms. Kelly also facilitates firm infrastructure, coordination of information technology and communication resources, and office logistics.

Prior to joining ADVI, Dane lead event coordination and visitor operations for the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund. Ms. Kelly holds a bachelors degree in Government, Political Theory from Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.

Grant Bagley M.D. J.D.
Counsellor Emeritus

Grant Bagley M.D. J.D. is Counsellor Emeritus at ADVI. Bagley has been instrumental to the growth of HillCo HEALTH, one of the predecessor company’s of ADVI and is a mentor to its leadership. Throughout his distinguished career in public service and medicine Bagley has created and fought for most of the seminal coverage or payment policies in Medicare including treating certain devices as drugs for purposes of Medicare coverage; the first and only balanced bill allowance; ASP for radiopharmaceuticals, inherent reasonableness, least costly alternative, coverage with evidence and parallel review.

A Distinguished Career

  • Co-Founder, HillCo HEALTH
  • Partner and Manager of Health Care Practice, Arnold & Porter
  • Director of Coverage and Analysis Group, CMS
  • Medical Officer, Payment Group, Center for Medicare, CMS
  • Medical Officer, Office of the Commissioner, FDA

Extensive experience

  • AMA CPT Advisor
  • ECRI Board Member
  • FDLI Contributor and Speaker

Leader in creating innovative coverage and payment pathways and forging FDA-AHRQ-CMS cooperation

Cynthia Munoz
Chief of Staff to the CEO

Cynthia Munoz, Chief of Staff to the CEO, drives business growth through a mix of communications strategy, client management, and public relations. Cynthia is a graduate from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s in Communications.

International Experience

  • Web Communications Team - World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe
  • Public Relations Officer and Board member – UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights Global Art Competition

Broad Background in Strategy and Communications

  • Engaged in social media strategy, copywriting, research, content development, copywriting
  • Branding, marketing strategy, project management, event planning for exhibition in Hong Kong and other international venues, creating collateral material for outreach to prospective donors, recruitment of valuable board members
  • Translation and ghostwriting

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If you have a keen interest in management or strategic reimbursement consulting, love solving problems, thrive in a collaborative environment, see the health care sector and its many segments as filled with opportunities, and where your advice and implementation of ideas make a difference in the space and in patient's lives, consider joining ADVI. We invite you to learn about open positions below but are always happy to engage in conversation with likeminded peers.

Sr. Manager/Associate Director

ADVI is looking for Sr. Manager/Associate Director to join the market access and health policy practice within our Washington DC office. Applicants at the Sr. Manager/Associate Director level should have a law degree or graduate degree in public policy, public health, public administration, healthcare administration, or other related healthcare fields.  ADVI welcomes candidates with a wide variety of healthcare experience including policy work at the Congressional level, federal agency level, managed care, direct provider practice (hospital), the life sciences industry, or prior consultancy experience. Efficient project management experience and the ability to work within a dynamic fast paced environment are essential. Research or policy analysis experience is highly preferred.

Sr. Manager/Associate Director, Market Access and Health Policy Practice

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Candidates will be expected to assume varying levels of responsibility across a diverse range of healthcare related projects. Direct responsibilities will include:

    • Managing a portfolio of clients to ensure that all of ADVI’s knowledge and expertise are available to meet client needs.
    • Mentoring and training of junior staff members within the Reimbursement Practice
    • Transitioning the scope of projects from concept to operational for clients and overseeing the team from project initiation through to client delivery.
    • Serving as a subject matter expert within the Reimbursement Practice as well as across the firm to inform various, cross-firm strategic projects.
    • Creating both strategic and tactical recommendations for clients to ensure optimal market access for client productsCreating both strategic and tactical recommendations for clients to ensure optimal market access for client products.
    • Proactively seeking and obtaining speaking engagements with clients, policy makers, and thought leaders in order to generate public recognition for ADVI

Skills and Experience

The senior manager or associate director within the market access and health policy practice should possess a graduate degree in public policy, healthcare management, public health, or a relevant healthcare discipline. A minimum of ten years experience within the overall healthcare industry is required, with three to five of these years preferably spent within a reimbursement-specific field. In addition, the candidate should have at least two years of project team leadership experience. Examples of pertinent work experience include: consulting firms, diagnostics and/or pharmaceutical manufacturers, clinical laboratories with specialty in molecular diagnostics, and the healthcare industry at large. Legislative or regulatory policy experience a plus!

Directorial level staff must have the following capabilities, however, requisite skills are not limited to:

  • Direct healthcare industry or healthcare consulting experience, preferably within the life sciences sector , at the Congressional level, or within a federal agency.
  • Must have comprehensive knowledge of drugs, specialty drugs, diagnostics, and/or the medical devices.
  • Ability to establish personal credibility as a strategic and reimbursement expert with clients.
  • Proven situational leadership skills.
  • Commitment to working in a matrix-team environment with an emphasis on partnering and sharing work and information with colleagues.
  • Experience overseeing and supervising staff
  • Superior problem-solving and analytic skills with the capability of applying knowledge outside of one’s immediate functional area.
  • Significant and sustained project management experience.
  • Experience presenting to and interacting with executive level professionals.
  • Exemplary interpersonal skills that translate into positive relationships with colleagues and clients.
  • Solid communication skills including confidence, the ability to concisely explain complicated concepts to executives and leaders within and outside of the firm.

Please submit resumes to: attention Human Resources