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Dr. Mike Kolodziej weighs in on whether a practice-based program that incorporates evidence-based clinical treatment pathways, an oncology certified nurse call program, and an introduction to advance care planning, all of which are supported by a collaborative payer sponsor, reduce costs associated with treating Medicare-age patients while improving the quality of care provided to patients?

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Michael Kolodziej, MD, and Louis Jacques, MD, discuss the implications of the proposed NCD on Next-Generation Sequencing for oncologists

The proposed NCD has generated a lot of discussion in the medical community. While this offers the potential to move things forward in precision medicine, there are several questions that remain to be answered. The Community Oncology Alliance, in collaboration with ADVI, a Washington, DC, consultancy that specializes in healthcare payment strategies, recently held a webinar discussion of the specifications and implications of the proposal, in advance of the end of the public comment period on the NCD.

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Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf discusses Medicare hospital payments with Bloomberg Law

“The administration could be putting its focus on alternative and value-based payment models, like accountable care organizations, where hospitals and doctors provide more coordinated care and attempt to reduce Medicare spending,” Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, director at the health reimbursement and policy consulting firm ADVI, told Bloomberg Law Feb. 13. Greenleaf is in the Austin, Texas, office of Washington-based ADVI.

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Natalie Reid, Manager at ADVI, served as the analyst for an article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine

Natalie Reid, Manager at ADVI, served as the analyst for the recently published article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, “Patterns of Hospital Performance on the Hospital-Wide 30-Day Readmission Metric: Is the Playing Field Level?” that suggests the hospital-wide readmission (HWR) metrics should be reassessed as a quality measure. The paper found that the hospital-level characteristics of academic status (AAMC), AAMC plus National Cancer Institute, safety net status, and over 400 beds were associated with the performing more poorly in the HWR metric.

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