Community oncology at a glance; How we got here and where we are going



“Looking back on the forces that have shaped how cancer care is delivered, it is clear that solutions emerge in response to both market opportunities and threats.

Community oncology largely arose because of the ability of oncologists to provide an efficient and sustainable delivery model for cancer patients in lieu of the hospital model. Hospital acquisition of practices was a direct consequence of 340B and an indirect result of practice burdens imposed by meaningful use and aggressive payer management strategies.”


“The fact that many practices are still not affiliated with a hospital or a network certainly does not mean that they will not do so in the future. To the contrary, the ability of a small practice to succeed in this increasingly complex cancer care delivery system is questionable.

Even a large sophisticated practice may lack the resources and expertise to succeed.”


“The dominant network of the future will provide the tools necessary to succeed in the oncology business model of the last 25 years as well as the tech and data skills to succeed in whatever business model predominates for the next 25.”

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